Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance is a name that stems from truckers who commonly refer to their trucks as bobtails when there are no trailers attached. Since its a common practice of trucking fleets and freight companies to cover the cargo insurance and primary liability of truckers who are dispatched on delivery runs, the drivers only responsibility is insuring their bobtail, or truck that is not on the job hauling goods. You also may hear the term deadhead insurance used to describe bobtail insuranceit means the same thing and just uses another common euphemism for the truck.

Today, we commonly say bobtail insurance but we always really mean non-trucking liability. Non-trucking liability insurance covers you whenever youre not dispatched. Whether youre truck is getting washed or repaired, or you are simply using it for convenience when youre off the job, bobtail insurance from Royalty Truck Insurance fully protects your assets and livelihood every time youre on the roadeven when your trucking companys insurance isnt covering you. Call us today or fill out our easy request form to get a free insurance quote from one of Royaltys top specialists.

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