Bobtail Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between bobtail insurance, non-trucking liability insurance and deadhead insurance?

Nothing, these terms mean the same thing. While they used to have slightly different distinctions regarding what they did and did not cover, these terms are commonly used interchangeably today. With Royalty Truck Insurance, every time we mention bobtail insurance, we mean full non-trucking liability.

How does Royalty Truck Insurance offer the best bobtail insurance rates?

Royalty is partnered with over 25 different insurance providers that specialize in different kinds of coverage. Royalty will examine your rig and driving record and find you the best insurance rates based on each company's formula for generating their premiums. Royalty Truck Insurance guarantees that we'll find you the best insurance coverage at the most affordable rates, no matter what your situation is.

How can I get a bobtail insurance quote?

Fill out our simple request form in the request insurance quote page and we'll have an experienced and friendly Royalty Insurance agent research rates and get back to you within 24 hours.

If I am leased to a trucking company, is bobtail insurance enough for me, even if I own my own rig?

Yes. In almost every circumstance where trucking companies lease drivers, it is up to them to provide general freight insurance and primary liability. If they own the trailer, they will cover the trailer liability as well, as long as you are on the job. Typically, bobtail insurance, or non-trucking liability insurance, is the only coverage you'll need.

If I am an independent truck owner and operator, not leased with a trucking company, is bobtail insurance all I need?

No. Federal and State laws will prohibit you from getting your tags unless you have proof of primary truck liability insurance. But you're in luck, because while many truck insurance companies don't offer primary liability, Royalty Truck Insurance does. Click here to contact us for a free quote.

Am I covered if I drive State to State?

Yes! Royalty Truck Insurance covers interstate drivers with all of our services. One policy allows you to travel throughout the entire continental United States with full coverage.

Is bobtail insurance sufficient for my tow truck or dump truck?

In most cases, due to their unique functions, tow trucks and dump trucks require special insurance. Royalty Truck Insurance does offer tow truck and dump truck insurance of all kinds, so click here to contact Royalty Truck Insurance for a free quote, regardless of any special circumstances or needs.

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