Bobtail Liability Insurance

Many truckers drive their own rigs and lease themselves out as employees to trucking companies. In this situation, the company is usually covering the trucker under their primary liability insurance, and the cargo with their freight insurance as long as the trucker is on dispatch or being directed to drive somewhere by the company. For these truckers, a bobtail liability insurance policy is usually the only insurance necessary for them to purchase. Bobtail liability insurance simply covers your truck during all the times youre using it while not dispatched, such as driving it to a repair station or using it recreationally. You may also hear this insurance described as non-trucking liability.

Royalty Truck Insurance specializes in non-trucking liability and bobtail liability insurance of all kinds. We craft these policies with the owner/operator in mind and can handle any of your needs while offering the best rates in the business. Contact Royalty Truck Insurance to talk to a representative today for a free consultation and quote.

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