General Freight Insurance

Royalty Truck Insurance offers a wide variety of general freight insurance coverage. Whether youre an independent trucker or you operate an entire fleet or trucking company, Royalty Truck Insurance can provide you with any coverage services to guarantee all of your freight is insured to its full value.

Usually, general liability will cover damages and bodily injury in specified amounts, but it can also be drafted to have one single limit that can be paid out per claim regardless of the category of loss. General liability will require a deductable that the owner will pay out of pocket should a claim need to be made and rates are determined by a number of variables concerning the driver, location of operation and cargo.

Some lesser insurance companies will only cover your freight by weight, regardless of the product youre pulling, so avoid the scams and call Royalty today for a free insurance quote. Insurance services vary depending on what youre hauling. Hazardous liquids or gasses require a much different kind of insurance coverage that general merchandise. Trucks hauling automobiles will need a very specific coverage as well. So no matter what your freight is, call Royalty Truck Insurance for a free consultation. You can also request an insurance quote online when you visit our insurance quote form. Whether its an independent truck or an entire fleet, Royalty Truck Insurance has all the services it takes to cover you with top quality insurance at the most affordable rates.

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