General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is also referred to as primary liability insurance, and covers bodily injury and property damage associated with truck accidents. General liability is required by law for all trucking fleets that dispatch drivers and all independent truckers operating on the road. General liability is what will pay for the injuries inflicted by accidents you may cause or the damage to vehicles or surrounding property such as lamp posts or parking meters that may be affected by an accident as well. General liability will also cover any legal costs should you be sued for causing an accident up to an amount you specify.

Usually, general liability will cover damages and bodily injury in specified amounts, but it can also be drafted to have one single limit that can be paid out per claim regardless of the category of loss. General liability will require a deductable that the owner will pay out of pocket should a claim need to be made and rates are determined by a number of variables concerning the driver, location of operation and cargo.

Royalty Truck Insurance specializes in many different kinds of coverage geared towards just about any kind of truck. Whether you're an independent owner, own a fleet, or need general liability like tow truck insurance or dump truck insurance, contact Royalty Truck Insurance for any questions or request a quote in our request insurance quote page.

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