Household Goods Hauler Insurance

If you're hauling general household goods for delivery purposes, chances are general freight insurance will be sufficient coverage for your cargo. Call Royalty Truck Insurance for a top quality insurance policy that will get you taken care of to the fullest extent should you need to make a claim. Many people use the term household goods hauler to mean transporting home furnishings during moving. Movers will require a slightly different policy that caters to their usual business and work, as home furnishings aren't just being delivered; they're being loaded and unloaded. Since people's property and household goods can differ significantly as far as value attributed to certain pieces, especially in the case of hand-built furniture or antiques, you'll need an insurance policy that covers you no matter what kind of furnishings you're hauling.

In the moving business, loading and unloading incidents can lead to property damage of homeowner's household goods as well, and often this is a greater source of damage than incidents on the road. You'll need a policy more inclusive than general freight coverage so you can be sure that any damages are able to be paid out in full even if they weren't caused by a traffic accident. Contact Royalty Truck Insurance today to get a free quote from a friendly and professional agent or you can fill out our online form in the request insurance quote page.

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