Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Though they began as terms for slightly different forms of coverage, when you hear the words bobtail insurance or deadhead insurance used in the trucking worlds, theyre almost always referring to non-trucking liability. This coverage is essential for those truckers who own and operate their own rigs, but lease themselves out to trucking companies or other dispatchers.

Primary liability is an all-inclusive insurance coverage that is required for all trucks that are operating in the United States. Freight insurance is usually required by the company that truckers are hauling for, as they want their cargo protected in the case of accidents as well. Both of these forms of coverage are usually provided by the contracting trucking company, but they only cover you while on dispatch. Under their insurance, you wouldnt be covered in accidents that occur at any other time. Non-trucking liability insurance essentially rounds out the coverage of truckers who contract themselves out to dispatchers by covering them when they are off duty or on trips with no cargo as well.

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