Occupational Accident Insurance

Occupational accident insurance is essentially an alternative to workers compensation insurance. It is usually a similar service covering similar disabilities, though technically workers compensation is a State run program and occupational accident insurance is offered through a regular insurance company and generally has slightly different coverage limits. Occupational Accident Insurance makes payments for workers who are either temporarily or permanently disabled from performing their duties on the job. Premiums and coverage levels are usually lower in occupational accident insurance than workers compensation, but for many businesses, the risks associated with on the job injury are lower and occupational accident insurance is an agreeable alternative.

Royalty Truck Insurance specializes in all types of occupational accident insurance and can give you some free specialized consultation if you are a fleet owner looking to protect your drivers, or an independent trucker looking for a personal policy. Contact Royalty Truck Insurance today to speak to an agent about what specialized policies will work for you best.

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