Produce Hauler Insurance

It's important to get the right kind of freight insurance if you're hauling specialized goods. Items like produce or foods that can spoil may not be covered to a satisfactory amount by general freight insurance. Oftentimes, a general cargo policy will provide coverage by weight, for example, insurance companies will pay out $1 per pound of cargo lost in the event of a claim. This oftentimes will not be nearly enough for full coverage of your losses. Many policies do not cover incidents like trailer malfunction-many trucks that are refrigerated can lose cargo to spoiling if a refrigerated trailer malfunctions. If you're consistently hauling produce, you'll want an insurance policy that covers your fragile cargo under any circumstances.

Royalty Truck Insurance specializes in offering top quality policies, tailored especially to produce haulers. If you've been burned by general freight coverage in the past and are looking for a produce hauler insurance policy that's specifically tailored to your needs, contact Royalty Truck Insurance today for a free quote.

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