Sand and Gravel Hauler Insurance

Many insurance companies do not cover dirt, sand and gravel haulers because they need a specialized form of insurance that caters to their higher risks. At Royalty Truck Insurance, providing dirt, sand and gravel haulers insurance is just one of our many specialties when it comes to high risk cargo or trucks with special needs. Dirt, sand and gravel are usually hauled in dump trucks, so the insurance policies will be similar to that of dump truck insurance. Particularly with dirt, sand and gravel haulers, inclement weather, low clearances and unloading are just a few operations specific to sand and gravel cargo that make it a must to have specialized insurance that goes beyond the scope of general freight insurance.

Contact Royalty Truck Insurance today for a free quote regarding your personalized policy for dirt, sand and gravel hauling. Whether you're an independent owner/operator or need an entire fleet of dump trucks covered with dirt, sand and gravel haulers insurance, Royalty Truck Insurance can provide you with the best coverage in the business at the best rates available.

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