Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is required by law for anyone operating a truck in the United States. Many truck drivers who lease themselves out to freight companies are covered by the companys liability insurance when theyre on dispatch. Those drivers may just need to get bobtail insurance rather than full truck liability. If you own your truck or a fleet of trucks, you will need truck liability insurance to cover the damages done to people or their property caused by accidents if you or any of your drivers are at fault. Truck liability insurance will also cover your legal expenses up to a specified amount should you be sued for an accident you cause.

Truck Liability insurance typically covers bodily injury and property damage to an amount you can specify in your policy. Truck liability insurance can either be assigned with split limits of coverage, placing a monetary value that sets a maximum coverage amount for injuries per person, total bodily injury and total property damage. Combined single limit policies can suit businesses with multiple trucks better by setting a maximum limit, usually up to a million dollars that can be divided in any way in the event of a claim. Truck liability insurance is the most necessary component of any truck insurance. Royalty Truck Insurance carries over 25 qualified insurance providers to get you a policy fully catered to your needs at the best rates possible, regardless of your previous insurance history or size of business. Contact Royalty Truck Insurance today for a free quote and start saving money on your insurance premiums now.

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